Full Source Code Included

Get the full source code and customize it freely

No closed code packages

Own your project and distribute it

LEAN Architecture

Clean & Lean Layering

RESTful API (Swagger interface)

No unnecessary layers, wrappers, patterns

Microservices inherit from common Web Controller, Data Access, Type libraries

No unnecessary dependency injections

CLI based AutoCode Solution Generator

Easy starting point from Terminal/Command Line

Ability to generate endless microservices from templates

Generate running code for both backend and UI from your database or services

Click for presentation

Administration Panel in ReactJS

Manage your tenants, users, organizations, companies, resources, permissions (all ready)

Natively integrated to backend from end-to-end

Develop new pages declaratively (low-code as JSON)

Ready pages and samples such as register, login, forgot password, dashboard, audit logs

50+ ready to use and customizable UI components

Bootstrap based, Responsive design

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Advanced Authentication & Authorization

Hierarchical Tenant, Resource, Organization, Team, User, Role, Permission based management

JWT Bearer Authentication in Service Base

OAuth 2.0 and OpenId support

IdentityServer4 support

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Strong Data Access Options

Dapper encapsulation for tailor made fast data access

EF Core Database-First encapsulation, extensions, scaffolding and migrations

PostreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, DB2, Cosmos support

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Kafka Integration

Scalable pub/sub message distribution

Async communication between microservices

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Audit, Trace & Performance Logging

Logging middleware

Serilog Integration for Perf & Error Logs

Async Logging through Kafka

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Elastic Stack Support

Elastiksearch + Logstash + Kibana

Kibana Dashboard

Filebeats Log Collection

Sample Full text search Controller Methods

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Quick Application Development

In addition to backend built-in features, 50+ ready to use and customizable UI components. Speed up development by up to 80%.

Ability to page rendering with JSON based declarative language without React coding

Development Lifecycle Best Practices Implemented

Ability to share nuget package libraries referenced over Private repository

Healthier base packages redistribution for your development teams and your customers

DevOps Best Practices & Support

Ability to build & run whole solution over Docker container instances

Embedded docker-compose.yml to run the generated micro services, genesis admin API, messaging & caching middleware fully on docker instances

Drone CI scripts hooked to your favorite source code repo to automate deployment/delivery processes

SonarQube integration also performs continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells, security vulnerabilities, and reports them

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Blockchain Module

Ready smart contract codes such as KYC (Know your customer) that you can use on Ethereum / Quorum, HyperLedger Fabric and EOS blockhain platforms

Send your data to a distributed ledger (especially to the Ethereum testnet), which you can easily manage with model and property-based attributes without knowing any blockchain coding

Workflow Module

Build workflows in code using the fluent API or as data using JSON or YAML syntax. Or use the Workflow Designer to design executable workflows visually

Dashboard to manage workflows and activities

Run workflows from within your application using simple to use APIs.

Start or resume workflows manually, or automatically by invoking triggers

Make it your own by extending the set of activities with your own

Implementing custom activities allows for powerful workflows that can be implemented with ease

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Compliancy & Standards



Open-API 3.0


Rich Documentation





Built upon 20+ years of Industry Expertise

Used in production environments by its developers

Developed by core banking architects who broke world TPS Benchmark in EEC @Redmond in 2010


Localization and Multi-language support

Multi-Tenancy (multi-tenant and single-tenant modes)

SignalR Real Time notifications

Hangfire Background jobs support

Redis Distributed Cache for high workloads

Exception handling middleware

Communication middleware (E-mail, SMS)

Continuous Integration/Delivery pipeline with Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket webhooks included

Tested and ran on major PaaS platforms (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, Digital Ocean, UpCloud)