Number of Developers that can work and build apps using the Backend & UI Framework  
Net Core Genesis is not just a development framework or boilerpate. It's also complemented with an AutoCode Solution Generator. It generates runnable projects with the source code for both Backend & UI Framework from scratch by scaffolding from your database.  
Project Repository count to attach to CI/CD pipeline. These repositories will be managed through our CI/CD infrastructure  
It is a server deployed from Genesis-compatible image that is to quickly fulfill your development and testing requirements.
* Please contact us for customized configuration.
With the purchase of the Backend & UI Framework, you receive one-year standard support with 5 free support tickets with a maximum 10 business-day response time.

Silver Level: 5 business-day response time + 15 tickets
Gold Level: 2 business-day response time + 25 tickets
Platinum Level: Same-day response time + 45 tickets + Issue resolve guarantee in max 2 business-days  
Workflow Module is composed of a Workflow Engine and a Designer, and is based on full open source (Elsa), enabling you to design your business processes and long-running human workflows, integrated with the platform components e.g Communication Middleware  
You get smart contract samples such as KYC (Know-Your-Customer) that you can use on Ethereum / Quorum, HyperLedger Fabric and EOS blockhain platforms.
And better, you will be able to send your data to a distributed ledger (Ethereum or EOS testnets), which you can easily manage with model and property-based attributes without knowing any blockchain coding.  
Architecture, design or technology guidance includes support on how to design your business services over Net Core Genesis Platform.
Our teams' combined 20+ years of core banking and high-end architecture implementation expertise will provide you direct answers for critical design decisions, based on the features of NCG.
(Requires Platinum Level support, and limited to 2 hrs/wk)  

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